1.3 – Life Changing.

Drake dreamed about Zelda that night. He dreamed she moved in, they got married and lived happily ever after. Unfortunately, Drake woke up back into reality and went off to work. It was a good day, too, he got a promotion. Zelda came over the follow evening, after Drake made the excellent decision to buy a shower. He ended up paying it off within two work days. Back to Zelda, Drake muscled up the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend. This was a big decision for Drake. For him, this meant he would be tied down, so to speak. He spent hours thinking if Zelda was the right person help him carry on a legacy. She had to have just the right traits, but oddly enough, she wouldn’t give them up. Drake was almost entering this relationship blind, but that was the fun thing to him. Going on in life, not knowing what to expect. He enjoyed living on the edge and making last minute decisions. In the glow of the moonlight, Zelda gently pressed her lips against Drake’s, and said “I would love to be yours.” By the time this all happened, it was close to one in the morning. Drake politely explained he had to work, and Zelda understood. She had to work too, of course.

As a taste of what was to come, Drake re arranged his things and painted what walls he had. The end result, in his eyes, was pure beauty. He couldn’t be more excited to build a house.

Although it wasn’t much, pride and a glow of accomplishment radiated off Drake. He had only arrived here a could weeks ago, and what he had already done was quite impressive.

In no way was his “home” superior to the Alto’s or Landgraab’s, but why would one guy need a giant mansion?

The growing sorrow of living alone ate away at Drake over the next couple weeks. Him and Zelda still saw each other on a regular basis, but never did they move in together. He wanted to shower Zelda with gifts, but could barely afford it. Another terrifying factor was realized by Drake. All this time he spent working, and having only brief conversations with Zelda, he was in fact aging. His life was quickly advancing towards full adult status, and he knew he had to do something. After getting home from work, Drake invited Zelda over to ask her a life changing question.

Drake ended up missing work to pop the question, but it was well worth it. That is, until Zelda scared him almost to death!

Drake quickly forgave Zelda and they laughed for hours as the sun went down over the beautiful Sunset Valley.

As more days passed, Drake’s work performance climbed even more, and one night he dreamed he got a promotion. It was eerie; the dream was very foggy, but life-like at the same time. It was almost a premonition. This came true when his boss took him aside the next day, and told him he was being promoted once again. Drake was really excelling in this career. However, his real passion was to cook. To be a five star chef meant everything in the world to him, but that could only be achieved by excelling in a totally different career path: Culinary Arts. The thought of going back down the ladder of temporary success sickened Drake, and for now it wasn’t a feasible option. He had bills to pay as it was, and though they weren’t much for now, Drake still needed money.

An odd statement came out of Zelda’s mouth one evening. She said to Drake, “I am not moving in until we exchange our vows. Until that happens, I am living on my own.” This was surprising, given the couples quickly advancing relationship. Financial problems once again came into play. Drake knew he had to marry fast, but he didn’t exactly have the money for it. A private wedding would have to be the way to go, and for this to be a successful legacy, it was the only way to go.


Author’s Note

Like any other human, I change my mind. In this case, it is the theme. The other one did not work for me at all, and I have found a suitable one which I am trying out. Unlike the old one, this one actually has a sidebar. So bare with me as I perfect the blog’s look. Let me know if you have suggestions, or gripes.

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1.2 – The Reality of Life

Zelda Mae stood in front of city hall, glowing brightly like an angel. Drake approached, shook her hand, and decided to strike up a conversation. He felt privileged standing in her presence, and could only think of ways he might of looked bad. Zelda looked past Drake’s clumsiness, and dramatizing side and only looked through to his calm, gentle soul. After a while, Zelda had to leave and so Drake returned home and couldn’t be happier.


1.1 – Hand Me Down

The anger in Drake Heller’s soul was indescribable. Coming from a royal family of 6 children, all boys, he was the outcast. Though neat and brave, Drake often dramatized things. His clumsiness was not welcomed well into the family either. When he was voted first off for next in line to the throne, he grew even more furious.